Mkomazi National Park, Tanzania           




                                           By the Mkomazi neighbour  MamboViewPoint eco Lodge

About Us

MamboViewPoint is based in Mambo, Usmabara Mountains, Tanzania, on one and a half hour drive from the Kivingo gate from Mkomazi national park.


The owners of MamboViewPoint, Marion and Herman, are social entrepreneurs. Their main goal is to bring some development around their place including Mkomazi park area.


When we settled in Mambo we discovered the nearby Mkomzi park which actually was a national park for three years only at that time. Only a little was known of the park and its inhabitants and possibilities. After we discovered the beauty of the park we want to show the information we know and to share it with everybody who is interested to see something else compared to the well known parks like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater.

You are welcome to visit MamboViewpoint and to use it as starting point for your  safari to MkomaziPark, the Usmabara Mountains and other less known places!